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          George Grivas

Barbara Cornwall, a young and ambitious journalist, anxious to prove that a woman could be as capable a foreign correspondent as a man and provided she had enough experience, stopped in Cyprus (on her way to India) to cover the 1955-1959 EOKA uprising against the British Colonial government at the time. She found a job at Charles' Foley's Times of Cyprus daily newspaper and later became the newspaper's news editor. She was also the Cyprus stringer for Time magazine.

Marriage was far from her mind. Meanwhile she was eager to interview General George Grivas, the leader of the EOKA guerilla movement. A trusted friend suggested that Dr Lyssarides... V

...married in 1963


...supportive and
             loving wife to
                  a great man


> ...might possibly be in a position to forward a request for an interview through indirect contacts. But she was to be disappointed. The general, according to his policy, refused to give interviews on security grounds. The meeting with the attractive young Dr. Lyssarides was a turning point in both their lives, however. She had met him in her office through a mutual friend, Chrysanthos Savvides and for the next 7 years Barbara was to be the doctor's constant companion. In spite of language barriers, the doctor's family welcomed her warmly and she felt at home in Cyprus surrounded by people who loved her and whom she respected and loved in turn.

Journalism was not Barbara's only passion. Later, she was to travel extensively and is the author of two books; the first is about the guerrilla war against Portugal in the African colonies called The Bush Rebels and the second is My Old Acquaintance, a book about the history and archaeology of Cyprus based on extensive research and the accounts of travellers, academics and archaeologists in the past.

They were married in 1963 in St. John's Cathedral in old Nicosia and Archbishop Makarios officiated at the ceremony.

Barbara Cornwall Lyssarides is a lady. Her ready wit, old-fashioned courtesy and sensitivity draw one to her like a magnet. She is a wonderful, supportive and loving wife to a great man.

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